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What is a New Old House?

post by: Peter Zimmerman "The New Old House" typically refers to a style of architecture that combines traditional design principles with modern amenities and construction techniques. It reflects a desire to capture the charm and character of older homes while incorporating contemporary comforts and technologies. An


A Brief Historical View of Architecture

post by: Peter Zimmerman Architecture stands as the silent storyteller of human civilization, transcending time and encapsulating the essence of culture, innovation, and aspiration. From ancient wonders etched in stone to the contemporary marvels that grace our skylines, the evolution of architectural design mirrors the ever-evolving

The Story Behind the Design of the Three Pavilions

post by: Peter Zimmerman   Having the close familial connection to this property and working with Keven and Julieann made this a gratifying experience. Being part of what started as a renovation and then organically expanded into this extremely attractive, architecturally appropriate collection of pavilions that reflects

Natural Light – Part 2

post by: Peter Zimmerman Openness and Elegance Our design response to the lifestyle of the modern family, whether it be designing a new old house or working with an existing structure, manifests in designing spaces that allow for less formal lifestyles without losing their traditional elegance. The

Natural Light – Part 1

post by: Peter Zimmerman The demands of contemporary lifestyles can create a tension between elevation and plan in both renovation and new construction projects. However, the need for both openness and definition can lead to delightful solutions. People who live in or work on old houses are

The Challenges of Designing Coastal Architecture

post by: Rick Pinkerton The old coastal style architecture has changed. The traditional style of the one and one-half-story beach bungalow used to be prevalent. This old style has taken a back seat to the new shore house recipe. Today you see multi-story boxes with lots

Green Architecture & Sustainable Design

post by: Sean Narcum Green Architecture and Sustainable Design are relatively new terms to describe something that’s always existed.  Our earliest ancestors built out of necessity using only the materials and resources available to them and their own ingenuity.  As time moved forward, civilizations developed new technologies

Building a Connection with the Outdoors

post by: Warren Fisher One of the important aspects of architecture and especially the work we do at Peter Zimmerman Architects is the relationship between the architecture and the site.  Beginning at the Master Planning phase, we often start by designing around the most meaningful or

The Case Against ‘Open Concept’ Floor Plans

post by: Tyson Chamberlain The Open Concept in today’s architecture has popularized expansive volumes of open area, devoid of interior partitions: eliminating walls and the separation of rooms in favor of large, common living spaces with as many windows as possible. I think that this approach

Gentleman Designer

post by: Tim Lucci Recently I visited George Washington’s Mt. Vernon. I was struck by the beauty and thoughtfulness of this place. George Washington was not an architect. There was no such thing as a colonial architect. In fact, there were no trained architects in colonial